SnapseedWho’s this then?
I’m Jim.  Day job Digital Marketing, ex techie and full time geek.  Fascinated by the world of communications in the digital age.

Why bother creating a blog?
I’m trying to shift my consume/create ratio to a more healthy balance, I certainly have opinions, and some people might even find my musings useful.

What can I find here?
As I write this I have zero blog posts, so… Not sure yet?

No, seriously, give us some idea?
Oh, if you insist. It’s likely to include thoughts on marketing, social media, digital, technology, storytelling, politics and society for a start.

There might also be the odd post on food, cats, photography, windsurfing or science fiction, as the mood takes me.

Do I need to know anything else about this blog?
Nope! Enjoy reading.